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About Me

I am Crystal, mother, wife, wellness seeker, who loves to travel, drawn to all things natural and healing, as I make my way through this thing called “LIFE”.  My personal mission is to promote and encourage healthy ways of being to ride this life till the wheels fall off!  I’m a former athlete that loves to sweat, move, love, and laugh. 


It has been my goal to keep me and my crew healthy and in that process, I’ve been encouraged to share my tried and true with the larger community!


Throughout these years, I’ve claimed many homes.  Grew up in CT, attended Spelman College in ATL, found my future in Brooklyn, began raising a family in Trinidad & Tobago, returned to Florida, and been rolling in ATL, as I create Life and Experiences in Belize!


Homemade Healing is the spot where you can find me and all that makes and keeps me rockin!

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We Are All About:

The Elderberry

Elder has often been referred to as the “medicine chest of the common people.” For centuries,  Sambucus nigra,Black Elderberry, has been used medicinally, as an antiviral  believed to boost the immune system,preventing and/or shortening cold/flu symptoms.   Research in Israel and the United Kingdom in the 1980’s and 1990’s indicated elderberry appeared to decrease both the duration and severity of the avian flu if taken properly (Zakay-Rones et al., 1995). 

 Stay Cootie-Free with our lovingly made

 Organic All Natural Elderberry Products!

Not convinced? Check out some research studies!

An Ode to

Rose Water

Rosewater has been used in beauty products for thousands of years for it’s strong anti-inflammatory properties. Rosewater is also anti-aging (gotta keep the crypt keeper away), moisturizing, and toning. Lebanese Rose water is the truth and the base of my Rose water products.

Stay Dewey Fresh with our All Natural Rose Water Products!

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