DIY Elderberry Herb Packet Only

DIY Elderberry Herb Packet Only

Make your own Organic Elderberry Tonic               Herb PacketThis Packet includes:	Our special Elderberry Herbs 🌿 .......add your own honey 🍯 or no honey at all (❤️for all you vegans)	 Just add water.  Simple Instructions included!Makes 16-24 ounces Maintenance:  1/2tsp-1tsp 3-5x/weekFlu-Fighting:  1/2-1tsp 3-4x/day
  • DIY Instructions

    1. Add  Elderberry Herb pack to 3 cups of water.
    2. Boil and then simmer fro 30-45 minutes.
    3. Remove from heat
    4. Strain
    5. Cool (still warm) and add honey (stir until dissolved)
    6. Store in glass jar and refridgerate.
    7. Enjoy!
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    We are positive that you will be satisfied.  If by chance, you are not, get in touch and we will work it out!


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